Your feet must support your entire body weight as you stand and walk. If your feet have any problem, it affects your knees, hips and spine. The average person takes 8 to 10,000 steps a day, which then multiplies the problem.

As long as your feet are working correctly, they are taken for granted. However, if one thing is wrong, you have pain. Of the body’s bones, 25% are in the feet and they must work properly.

Custom orthotics can correct mechanical problems in the foot by addressing:

• Differences in Leg Lengths
• The Arches and Changes Due to Fractures
• Arthritis and Congenital Differences

Custom orthotics can relieve abnormal pressure such as on bunions. They can provide much-needed support for people with flat feet. For patients with arthritic joints, they can also provide a cushion for sore feet. The average shoe does not address these concerns, so the addition of a custom orthotic to a good shoe may be just what the doctor ordered. In order to get proper orthotics, your feet, knees, hips and spine all need to be examined.

Your feet must be examined and your gait must be evaluated to properly determine which orthotic is best for you. A mold is taken of your foot so the orthotic will fit you perfectly. Everyone’s foot is different, and that is why a custom orthotic is the best choice.

Foot Levelers Brand Orthotics
Dr. Shannon’s office now carries Foot Levelers, individually designed stabilizing orthotics that are custom-fitted for you and offer complete support for the three interconnected arches of your foot. Foot Levelers provide more than just arch support – they promote whole-body wellness.

If you’re experiencing foot pain, waiting for it to go away may make the problem worse. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment to visit our office.


and Start Feeling Better!